Beyond Senses Architects


சாரல் இல்லம்
Saaral illam 
Area: 6 Acres
Location : Karamadai, Tamil Nadu

Under clear blue skies and amidst swaying coconut farms lies a modest home that embodies the true sense of being. This contemporary three-bedroom house of 3000 sqft, nestling within six acres of farmland in Thanneerpanthal, Coimbatore, was designed with sustainability in mind for a family of eco-conscious enthusiasts. Looking to relocate from their city lives, owners Shyam and Shubha approached Ar. Nabeel of Beyond Senses to build a home that spoke to them in a land they adored.


The house sits along the line of sight from the road, whereas the farm where the clients spend quality time is on the rear end. With a deep passion for organic products and sustainable living, the clients were adamant about taking the sustainable route while building their home. Athangudi flooring and repurposed pine wood furniture complement each other, enhancing the atmosphere of energizing and soulful energy among residents and visitors. With the dining room spreading out into the courtyard, though optimal in size, it is designed to be multifunctional. The house is built of porotherm bricks and has a three-layered roofing system for thermal control. A bridge looking down onto the courtyard connects the upper portion of the house, providing it with a narrative as one progresses through the house. The master bedroom and adjoining balcony were thoughtfully placed by the architect to take full advantage of the sweeping view of the cosmic farmland. The simple layout of the house can be deceiving of the effort taken to build a home devoid of ostentation and reflects the humble personality of the clients.

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